Narrow Escape

Today we (Sameera & I) had a narrow escape from two big bulls who were in peak musth. It was the Kiral Ara road where the area is totally covered by large bushes, particularly Lantana. While we searching for elephants as usual, I smelled musth and was trying to find the musth males. There were lots of foot prints by a group of elephants and lots of broken branches by the road.

AVOID this elephant if you come across him.

At a bend in the road I saw a big male was crossing and I managed to identify it quickly. He was in peak musth & it was [M038], one who was attacking safari jeeps in 2008. I have seen him several times close to the jeep, but he was only aggressive one time.

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Elephant Safety Tips

I was reading of yet another unfortunate elephant incident in India:

“According to the forest officer’s account, the elephant was crossing the road when the car reached the spot. The family of three which was moving in the car tried to drive the jumbo away. Their efforts — blaring of horns and flickering dipper — were enough to agitate the animal which in a fit of rage flipped the car.” Article at the link below.

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