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This blog is maintained by Trunks & Leaves Inc., dedicated to evidence-based conservation of Asian elephants and their habitats. We feature stories from the field related to work we sponsor, news, and the latest research relevant to Asian elephant conservation. This blog also features guest posts from students, researchers and other conservationists.

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2 thoughts on “About | Contact

  1. Greetings Shermin….my heartiest congratulations to you in recieving the presidential award lately. I read in the papers ie the sunday times last suinday. Iam an uncle of yours from your mums side from srilanka. How i became aware of you was, after many years I met your uva Nilam at a wedding, thts my cousin , your mum too is my cousin, late ency, chutta chuttin, farlin all cousins….then Nilam happened to tell me about your achievements Indeed i was so happy…and hey presto just 2 weeks later you appeared in the news. So its my duty to congratulate you my dear. your mums family and me and us we all belong to the Suhood family, your grandpa late Mr. Zubair Suhood was my Uva , my late mums cousin brother…..so thats the connection. MY personal regards and best wishes to you………Uncle….Dr. Aleem Moulana.

  2. Dear Doctor I had read an article on Last Sunday paper I am also very much trying to protect our wild elephant and concern about Human and elephant conflicts. because I am a media man writing many articles about wildlife and nature. could you kindly let me know what are the opportunities to get more experience in your field as well. regards Kapila Hettiarachchie

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