The Consequences of Irresponsible Tourism

By Salik Ansar & SdS Until the recent COVID-19 epidemic halted travel around the globe, the island of Sri Lanka thrived on tourism. A big part of the country’s GDP is attributed to tourism. According to Sri Lanka Tourism Development Association, 783,000 tourists visited Sri Lanka’s national parks in 2018, which is roughly 38% of … Continue reading The Consequences of Irresponsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism & Ethical Elephant Experiences

On World Elephant Day, Trunks & Leaves is challenging travelers and travel companies alike to commit to responsible tourism practices when it comes to viewing and interacting with Asian elephants.  For the first time in recent history, the world has slowed down, the travel industry is on hold, and humankind has a chance to reflect … Continue reading Responsible Tourism & Ethical Elephant Experiences